AlphaNumericPreprocessor - class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor.
AlphaNumericPreprocessor() - Constructor for class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor
add(int, String[]) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
addFeature(FeatureTypes) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
appendValues - Variable in class iitb.Utils.Options
apply(DataSequence) - Method in class iitb.CRF.CRF
apply(DataSequence) - Method in class iitb.CRF.NestedCRF


CRF - class iitb.CRF.CRF.
CRF (conditional random fields) This class provides support for training and applying a conditional random field for sequence labeling problems.
CRF(int, FeatureGenerator, String) - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.CRF
CRF(int, FeatureGenerator, Properties) - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.CRF
CompleteModel - class iitb.Model.CompleteModel.
CompleteModel(int) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
CompleteModel.SingleEdgeIterator - class iitb.Model.CompleteModel.SingleEdgeIterator.
ConfigException - exception iitb.Utils.ConfigException.
ConfigException(String) - Constructor for class iitb.Utils.ConfigException
CrfParams - class iitb.CRF.CrfParams.
This class holds all parameters to control various aspects of the CRF model
CrfParams() - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
constructor with default values as follows.
CrfParams(String) - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
Initialize any parameter using space separated list of name value pairs Example: "initValue 0.1 maxIters 20" will set the initValue param to 0.1 and maxIters param to 20.
CrfParams(Properties) - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
calc() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment
copy(FeatureImpl) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
createRaw(String, String) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.DataCruncher


DIGIT - Static variable in class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor
DataCruncher - class iitb.Segment.DataCruncher.
DataCruncher() - Constructor for class iitb.Segment.DataCruncher
DataIter - interface iitb.CRF.DataIter.
The basic interface to be implemented by the user of this package for providing training and test data to the learner.
DataSequence - interface iitb.CRF.DataSequence.
A basic training/test instance needs to support the DataSequence interface.
DataSet - class iitb.MaxentClassifier.DataSet.
debugLvl - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
doScaling - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
doTest() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment


EdgeFeatures - class iitb.Model.EdgeFeatures.
EdgeFeatures(Model) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.EdgeFeatures
EndFeatures - class iitb.Model.EndFeatures.
EndFeatures(Model) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.EndFeatures
edgeIterator() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
edgeIterator() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
edgeIterator() - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
edgeIterator() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
endState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
endState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
endState(int) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
endState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
epsForConvergence - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
Convergence criteria for finding optimum lambda using BFGS


Feature - interface iitb.CRF.Feature.
A single feature returned by the FeatureGenerator needs to support this interface.
FeatureGenImpl - class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl.
The FeatureGenerator is an aggregator over all these different feature types.
FeatureGenImpl(String, int) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
FeatureGenImpl(String, int, boolean) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
FeatureGenRecord - class iitb.MaxentClassifier.FeatureGenRecord.
FeatureGenerator - interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGenerator.
The basic interface to be implemented by the user of this package for providing features of an individual data sequence.
FeatureGeneratorNested - interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGeneratorNested.
FeatureImpl - class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl.
FeatureImpl() - Constructor for class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
FeatureTypes - class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes.
Inherit from the FeatureTypes class for creating any kind of feature.
FeatureTypes(Model) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes
featureGenerator() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment


GenericModel - class iitb.Model.GenericModel.
GenericModel(String) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.GenericModel
GenericModel.GenericEdgeIterator - class iitb.Model.GenericModel.GenericEdgeIterator.
getCode() - Method in class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor
getCode() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Preprocessor
getDouble(String) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
getDoubleLoose(String) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
getInt(String) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
getIntLoose(String) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
getMandatoryProperty(String) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
getString(String) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options


hasMoreRecords() - Method in interface iitb.Segment.TrainData
hasNext() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataIter
hasNext() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGenerator
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.DataSet
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.FeatureGenRecord
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel.SingleEdgeIterator
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.EdgeFeatures
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.EndFeatures
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel.GenericEdgeIterator
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator
hasNext() - Method in class iitb.Model.StartFeatures
hasNext() - Method in interface iitb.Segment.TrainData


id - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
iitb.CRF - package iitb.CRF
Provides an implementation of Conditional Random Fields (CRF) for use in sequential classification tasks.
iitb.MaxentClassifier - package iitb.MaxentClassifier
This package shows how to use the CRF package iitb.CRF for basic maxent classification
iitb.Model - package iitb.Model
This package has a wealth of classes that will make it easy for you to implement the FeatureGenerator interface required when using CRFs.
iitb.Segment - package iitb.Segment
This package shows how to use the iitb.CRF package for sequence classification tasks
iitb.Utils - package iitb.Utils
index() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.Feature
index() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
initValue - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
initial value for all the lambda arrays
invSigmaSquare - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
penalty term for likelihood function is ||lambda||^2*invSigmaSquare/2 set this to zero, if no penalty needed
isEndState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
isEndState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
isEndState(int) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
isEndState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
isNumber(String) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor
isStartState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
isStartState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
isStartState(int) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
isStartState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel


label(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
label(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
label(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
label(int) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
label(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
length() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataSequence


MaxentClassifier - class iitb.MaxentClassifier.MaxentClassifier.
This class shows how to use the CRF package iitb.CRF for basic maxent classification where the features are provided as attributes of the instances to be classified.
Model - interface iitb.Model.Model.
mForHessian - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
The number of corrections used in the BFGS update.
main(String[]) - Static method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.MaxentClassifier
main(String[]) - Static method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
main(String[]) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.Segment
main(String[]) - Static method in class iitb.Utils.Options
The main method for running this class as a standalone application
mapStatesToLabels(DataSequence) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
maxIters - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
Maximum number of iterations over the training data during training
maxMemory() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGeneratorNested
for nestedCRF this controls the maximum number of x-s grouped together.
model - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
model - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes


NestedCRF - class iitb.CRF.NestedCRF.
NestedCRF(int, FeatureGeneratorNested, String) - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.NestedCRF
NestedCRF(int, FeatureGeneratorNested, Properties) - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.NestedCRF
NestedModel - class iitb.Model.NestedModel.
NestedModel(int, String) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.NestedModel
NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator - class iitb.Model.NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator.
next() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataIter
next() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGenerator
next() - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.DataSet
next() - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.FeatureGenRecord
next() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel.SingleEdgeIterator
next(FeatureImpl) - Method in class iitb.Model.EdgeFeatures
next(FeatureImpl) - Method in class iitb.Model.EndFeatures
next() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
next(FeatureImpl) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes
next() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel.GenericEdgeIterator
next() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator
next(FeatureImpl) - Method in class iitb.Model.StartFeatures
next() - Method in interface iitb.Segment.TrainData
nextInnerEdge() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator
nextOuterEdge() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator
nextRecord() - Method in interface iitb.Segment.TrainData
numEdges() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
numEdges() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
numEdges() - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
numEdges() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
numEndStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
numEndStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
numEndStates() - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
numEndStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
numFeatures() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGenerator
The number of features has to be correctly set before train is called.
numFeatures() - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.FeatureGenRecord
numFeatures() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
numStartStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
numStartStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
numStartStates() - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
numStartStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
numStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
numStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
numStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
numStates() - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
numStates() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel


Options - class iitb.Utils.Options.
Parses command-line options.
Options(Properties, String[]) - Constructor for class iitb.Utils.Options
Options(String[][], String[]) - Constructor for class iitb.Utils.Options
Options(String[]) - Constructor for class iitb.Utils.Options
Options() - Constructor for class iitb.Utils.Options
Options(String[][]) - Constructor for class iitb.Utils.Options


Preprocessor - class iitb.Segment.Preprocessor.
Preprocessor() - Constructor for class iitb.Segment.Preprocessor
params - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CRF
parse(String[]) - Static method in class iitb.Utils.Options
parse() - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
parse(int) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
parseConf(String[]) - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment
preprocess(String) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor
preprocess(TrainData, int) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.AlphaNumericPreprocessor
preprocess(String) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.Preprocessor
print(PrintStream) - Method in class iitb.Utils.Options
printDbg(String) - Static method in class iitb.CRF.Util
processArgs() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment


read(String) - Method in class iitb.CRF.CRF
read the parameters of the CRF from a file
read(String) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
readRaw(Vector, String, String, String) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.DataCruncher
readTagged(int, String, String, String, String, String, LabelMap) - Static method in class iitb.Segment.DataCruncher


Segment - class iitb.Segment.Segment.
Segment() - Constructor for class iitb.Segment.Segment
StartFeatures - class iitb.Model.StartFeatures.
StartFeatures(Model) - Constructor for class iitb.Model.StartFeatures
segment(Segment.TestRecord, int[], String[]) - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment
set_y(int, int) - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataSequence
size() - Method in interface iitb.Segment.TrainData
start() - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel.SingleEdgeIterator
start() - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel.GenericEdgeIterator
start() - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel.NestedEdgeIterator
startScan() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataIter
startScan() - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.DataSet
startScan() - Method in interface iitb.Segment.TrainData
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int) - Method in interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGenerator
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in interface iitb.CRF.FeatureGeneratorNested
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int) - Method in class iitb.MaxentClassifier.FeatureGenRecord
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.EdgeFeatures
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.EndFeatures
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureTypes
startScanFeaturesAt(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.StartFeatures
startState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
startState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
startState(int) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
return the i-th start state
startState(int) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
stateMappings(DataSequence) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
stateMappings(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.CompleteModel
stateMappings(DataIter) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
stateMappings(DataSequence) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
stateMappings(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.GenericModel
stateMappings(DataSequence) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
stateMappings(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in interface iitb.Model.Model
stateMappings(DataSequence, int, int) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
stateMappings(DataSequence) - Method in class iitb.Model.NestedModel
strId - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl


TrainData - interface iitb.Segment.TrainData.
test() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment
toString() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
train(DataIter) - Method in class iitb.CRF.CRF
train(DataIter) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl
train() - Method in class iitb.Segment.Segment
trainerType - Variable in class iitb.CRF.CrfParams
type - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl


Util - class iitb.CRF.Util.
Util() - Constructor for class iitb.CRF.Util


val - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
value() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.Feature
can be -1 if the feature is a state, rather than an edge feature
value() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl


write(String) - Method in class iitb.CRF.CRF
write the trained parameters of the CRF to the file
write(String) - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureGenImpl


x(int) - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataSequence
The type of x is never interpreted by the CRF package.


y(int) - Method in interface iitb.CRF.DataSequence
y() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.Feature
the index of this feature from 0..numFeatures-1.
y() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
yend - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
yprev() - Method in interface iitb.CRF.Feature
has to be a label index from 0..numLabels-1
yprev() - Method in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl
ystart - Variable in class iitb.Model.FeatureImpl


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